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In various embodiments of Schbeck, the alternative currencies in the form of airline miles or rewards, hotel rewards, credit card points, and cash generated from within virtual environments, such as online games, are supported. The alternative currency exchange offer includes one or more offer terms and associated assets. The alternative currency exchange offer is extended from the first user to the second user, in response to receiving acceptance of the offer from the second user. The associated assets of the first user and the second user are verified, and in response, settlement of the alternative currency exchange offer is made. However, such system are not meant for use within the charitable giving environment where entities like non-profit organizations or non-government agencies benefit from the use of alternative currencies.

Crypto WordPress theme is designed to create a fantastic cryptocurrency blog, and it will be suitable for crypto bloggers, traders, commentators, and spectators. It also comes with a responsive design means your site will look great on all types of devices such as iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. With the crypto theme, you can show the live prices of many crypto coins on your site, and you can even create a dedicated page for the popular coins such as bitcoin, and it helps your users to know about the stuff related to it. It also allows your users to compare coin against other currencies and it is fully compatible with WooCommerce that helps you to sell crypto related stuff on your crypto blog. The proposed method and the currency are different from virtual currencies in four significant ways. Firstly, the currency is backed by the balance sheet or the bank accounts of the issuers. For example, if Cisco Systems is issuing $10M worth of Philas, it is backed by Cisco s $40B balance sheet, just like its corporate bonds.

The different best ico half of the website is informative, toned-down, and uses language that’s investor-targeted. If we provide online companies on to children, we only search consent if we’ve age-verification measures (and parental-consent measures for youthful children) in place. Genuine consent ought to put people in cost, construct trust and engagement, and enhance your reputation. We like how Truegame’s web site look-and-really feel adjustments procoin currency based mostly on its viewers. Our exterior lawyer team provides the mandatory experience for the preparation of a tailor-made “white paper” creating essentially the most applicable legal frame for your ICO. Our net-designers create the right website on your ICO with a particular marketing strategy to market it. After the ICO and the token technology occasion are finished every contributor should receive their share of the entire token pool.

procoin currency


The above patent applications seek to address economic and technological issues quite different from this patent application, and none of them propose a currency system and methods for integrating philanthropy and procoin currency volunteering. In recent years, in parallel with electronic money systems, alternative currency systems are being developed. Such systems present an elegant alternative to the existing fiat currency systems.

Purchasers may receive launchers, browsers, viewers, e-mail systems, facsimile centers, players, or the like. A gaming system is disclosed that provides an opportunity to win a prize in response to game play, each game being played in exchange procoin currency for monetary input. The gaming system includes a game server and a plurality of game units connected via a network. The game units each include a web browser having a monetary input device, and a ticket dispenser having a printer.

The processor 504 of the central server 502 is configured to read the data from, and write the data on to the memory 506. The processor 504 is further configured to execute the method of the present invention, as described in conjunction with FIGS. For example, the processor 504 may be configured to create a finite number of social currency units, Philas and store this data on to the memory. Further, a corporation or a philanthropist may sponsor the Philas at a fraction of the face value associated with it. The central server 502 then allows a transfer of the Philas from the corporation or the philanthropist 102 to a volunteer 104 based on a matching between volunteer hours accrued with the volunteer and the store of value of the alternative currency unit, as explained in the foregoing.

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ProCoins – application for registering, tracking and managing personal spending, incomes, goals and budgets. Welcome to digital money that’s instant, private, and free from bank fees. Reproduction of news articles, photos, videos or any other content in whole or in part in any form or medium without express writtern permission of is prohibited.

procoin currency

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The Swiss government announced that it’s in the course of a creating working group for ICOs that might be in command of the study of potential actions of regulators. procoin currency The Swiss Ministry of Economics stated that they’re satisfied that there is huge potential, but that the market is not as disciplined as they want it to be.

The central server 502 is further connected to a network 508, such as a local area network , metropolitan area network , and wide area network or the Internet, over a secured communication channel. The data sent by the central server 502 may be suitably encrypted by using one or more cryptographic techniques well known in the art.

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This time, we have collected some fantastic Cryptocurrency WordPress themes that help you to create and set up a beautiful cryptocurrency website where your users buy and sell bitcoins on your site. Bitcoin is already a well-known word in today’s online market; everyone wants to buy it. But as there is no control from the government on these cryptocurrencies, many persons have already lost their investment in different scams. So, if you want to educate your users on how to buy or sell bitcoin or any Altcoin, then these bitcoin WordPress themes will surely help you.

The credited charitable funds are equivalent of the face value associated with the at least one alternative currency unit. Alternatively, the at least one alternative currency unit may also be youtube video transferred directly from the corporation or the philanthropist to a non-profit organization. The units are backed not by the Issuer, but the corporation or the philanthropist sponsoring it.

The methods and apparatus disclosed herein include a platform for providing loyalty, advertising and gaming functionality across multiple applications. Actions by users within applications and interactions with advertising may be rewarded %url% via a loyalty program. In one implementation, functional elements are provided to application developers to enable their applications to communicate with a loyalty system, receive awards based on user behavior, among other functions.

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Secondly, Philas is to be sponsored, issued, earned, gifted and spent by a set of known and trusted players, not anonymous parties as in the case of BitCoin. Thirdly, the domain of Philas is limited to the market for social good, to be spent by nonprofits keeping it immune from commercially driven tractions. Fourthly, the value of the currency is not based on scarcity , and would be sponsored, issued and spent depending on the growth of the market for social good; this also prevents volatility in the value of Philas due to manipulations by participants. For example, published US patent application serial number 2009/0,089,168 by Phyllis Adele Schneck discloses an alternative currency exchange . In this system, the alternative currencies are mapped on to the known real world currencies and maintaining an exchange rate therefor.

procoin currency

Some of the recently developed alternative currency systems include digital gold currency, PayPal like online payment systems, Liberty Reserve, and the like. These systems are safer than most other conventional systems, as they involve software-based cryptographic security methods. Since there is often no communication between the end user and the merchant/bank, and there are no strict regulations on the Internet based transactions, efforts are being made to develop a secure industry standard. For example, MasterCard and VISA agreed to develop SET standard in order to address consumer concerns. The invention relates to systems for conducting interactive gaming measures, in particular to methods and systems intended for conducting interactive games, lotteries and sporting totalizators. The proposed system comprises a central computer which is coupled to a data transmission channel and to a precision time sensor and is connected via a communications channel to an information processing center, which is coupled to a return channel.

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